Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Not sure how this goes over in the tech world, but I'm hoping to introduce the new I-tard application. It's for people so wrapped up in their own opinions or beliefs they lose any perspective and think their opinions overrule fact or heaven forbid, your thoughts. Obviously we have the pioneers like Rush Vicodin or from the world of sports, Skip Bayless. I've noticed this whole World Cup debate has brought them out on Sportstalk. For the billionth time. I think soccer is great to get the kids out of the house, or in person or if you have the wheels to play yourself. I find it borderline torture on TV and it's never gonna be big on the tube in America. Deal with it. Every 4 years American's will flip the game on due to the international spectacle and obviously having team USA involved helps. Why are some of you I-tards so worried that I don't enjoy watching soccer on TV? Do you think I care if you don't watch baseball, golf or hockey? I don't. Get over yourselves. You like it? Watch it.
No question the funniest thing I've read from South Africa has been the upteen millionth "guarantee" since the Joe Namath prophecy in January of 1969. Andrej Komac of Slovenia has offered up his guarantee they will beat the U.S on Friday. Okay, now I'm really mad and fired up about the World Cup. Not really, but if it's your cup of tea, enjoy it and leave the rest of us alone. We're entitled to our taste, no matter how offensive just like you I-tards.

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