Friday, June 4, 2010


Not much of a surprise last night as the Lakers take game one at home and open the Finals with a 1 game to nothing lead. Killed Boston on the glass. In particular, Pao Gasol had 8 offensive rebounds, many were back breakers with the Celtics desperately trying to cut into that double digit L.A lead. I don't buy the refs as crooks, just inconsistent and at times incompetent. Way too many tick tack whistles, including some on Ray Allen which limited the contribution of Boston's top sniper. I'm officially "NOT" a Kevin Garnett fan. Never game him all that much consideration, but he seems out of whack, always has. When things go well, he's all smiles but the moment things might sour, he seems to let it effect him in a negative way. I don't see The Big Ticket as a high caliber leader. Unfortunately the NBA knuckleheads take 2 full days off before game 2 on Sunday night.
I'm not big on all the talk of the Pac 10 expanding, but since it appears inevitable the plan presented online yesterday is more than okay. I just hate the fact it means you don't play all of your conference opponents every year. That said, the divisional alignment would in essence be the old Pac-8 with the Arizona schools joining Texas, Texas A & M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Colorado in an Eastern division. This way the Ducks always play the Beavs, the Washington, Bay Area and So-Cal schools each year and those are really the true rivals. Don't want to be that crusty old guy who fears change. Love change for the better and this could be dynomite. Oregon/Texas every two years? Wow!
Short show today as we bring you Duck baseball. Have a fun weekend & GO DUCKS!

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Anonymous said...

I personally like the idea of the Pac 8 vs a made over SWC. Arizona/ASU have always seemed out of place to me and I've never considered either a rival (not counting the last three-five years when going up against AU in football.) If the Pac 10/Big 12 expansion is true, added with the rumor of Boise St joining the MWC as soon as Monday, football will suddenly get a lot more interesting west of the Mississippi!