Friday, June 25, 2010


British statesman and philosopher Edmund Burke said "Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it". Later it became commonly known as "Those who ignore...blah blah blah". I give you Paul Allen, Blazer owner and knucklehead. He sat in silence as the franchise was ruined by then GM Bob Whitsitt who brought in a collection of low class losers. You know the JailBlazer saga. Following the 1993 season the Dallas Cowboys won their 2nd straight Super Bowl. A team brilliantly designed and put together by Jimmy Johnson. The trouble was egomaniacal owner Jerry Jones felt he deserved credit. He did, for hiring Johnson. The issue led to the dismissal of JJ and the hiring of Barry Switzer. They would win another title, with the cast Johnson assembled but soon fell into mediocrity then worse. From January of 1997 until this past January without winning a playoff game. I think Kevin Pritchard is a terrific General Manager. The name Sam Presti has been kicked around as a possible replacement. He's done nice work with the Thunder drafting Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook as well as acquiring Jeff Green in a trade. They are a good young team, but they or he have never won anything and it's no lock he's an upgrade from Pritchard. KP took a mess and made something of it.
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This year's British Open is set for St. Andrews in less than 3 weeks. Tiger has won the last 2 times it's been held at the legendary track. In 2005 he bested Colin Montgomerie by 5 shots, who were the co-runners up when Woods stroked his way to victory in 2000?

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