Wednesday, June 9, 2010


You might want to check out the story causing such a fuss during these NHL Finals. The morons in the Chicago Tribune printed a mock picture of Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger with his game uniform on in a skirt. The caption was Chrissy Pronger? It's 2010 and idiots like Trib Sports Editor Mike Kellams is still the same insecure 12 year old telling guys he doesn't like they play like girls. For the record, Philly fans need to go easy. During the 2008 East Finals against Pittsburgh they were all circulating a picture which pretty referred to Penguin star Sid Crosby as a certain part of the female anatomy. Of course the difference is Kellams is supposed to be a high level professional at a major periodical and the others are a bunch of knucklehead fans. What a disgrace! Still want the Blackhawks to polish off the Flyers to win the Cup tonight.
As for last night's incredible debut by Washington pitcher Steve Strasburg, wow! One of the great opening acts in the history of the game. The 14 K's topped only by former Houston fireballer J.R Richard's 15. Hit 100 on the gun and just baffled most of the Pirate hitters. Of course Pittsburgh is dead last in the majors in hitting in just about every category so it was a brilliant decision to throw him against that anemic lineup. From the timing is everything file, his next turn comes versus the equally inept Indians on Sunday.
Anyone who thinks they have the NBA Finals figured out is either delusional or lying to themselves. Each of these 3 games in a separate entity unto itself. How do you account for Ray Allen setting a Finals record with 8 three pointers on Sunday, then missing every shot(13) he takes the following game? And don't forget, this one was on his home court! We focused our pre-game on LA needing to get back to dominating on the glass and they did. We also chatted about figuring out the refs and neither team really did. Some truly stupid fouls, but both teams shot 24 free throws so it didn't favor either side. And today we must discuss the use of replay which is allowed to determine possession in the final 2 minutes and was actually used efficiently and successfully. Most importantly I got to see the Boston fans miserable and won my bet taking LA + 2 1/2 to bump my account substantially.

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