Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I think we watch sports to catch the once in a lifetime or ultra memorable moment. That doesn't always have to be positive. We remember Bill Buckner right up there with The Hail Mary. There is a tendency among athletes to rally around each other in a time of crisis. It could be a contract situation. We even saw some dunderheads offer their support for a useless piece of garbage like Michael Vick. No one is taking the side of Albert Haynesworth. He's the defensive lineman for the Washington Redskins. Before the 2009 season he signed a 100 million dollar free agent deal. After last year the Skins dumped head coach Jim Zorn and hired former Bronco boss Mike Shanahan. His new defensive coordinator Jim Haslett favors a 3-4 style defense. Haynesworth prefers the 4-3 with a quartet of lineman rather than 4 linebackers. He was so bothered he asked for a trade. The team gave him until this past April 1st to try to work out a deal with another team. That date was significant as Albert the pig was due a 21-million dollar roster bonus, ironically on April Fools day. He stayed, took the bucks and incredibly no-showed at their current mini camp over the defensive theory. No one is in his corner. He's found a way to break that jock solidarity. Save ballplayers who rape, assault or worse, he's re-setting the bar for the selfish, clueless athlete. Well done!
I remain on a mission to get one of those vuvuzelas that are annoying the planet from the World Cup in South Africa. I'm not kidding. I won't rest until I'm pestering the crowd at Autzen when football season opens on September 4th. It's my favorite aspect of soccer.
I'm really pleased we get a game 7 in the NBA Finals. I'm really disappointed Boston's big fella, Kendrick Perkins, appears to be finished with a knee injury. In a championship setting you want both teams to be able to use their full compliment of guys who took them this far. It stinks.

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statefarmboy said...

I’m just hoping basketball fans aren’t subjected to another Celtic player’s dramatic return – Remember Paul Pierce's wheelchair ride and dramatic return in 2008?