Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I actually took the time to catch the final 15-20 minutes of the USA/Algeria soccer match today. Was on the exercise bike when Landon Donovan found the back of the net and the Americans advanced to the round of 16. Saw the highlights and this easily could have been a 3 or 4 goal explosion, but they'll take it. Looking forward to the TV ratings. I think they will be through the roof.
Redskin's defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth says he WILL report for the start of camp in late July. We should all be honored. Guy just accepted a 21 million dollar check then boycotted a mini camp because he wasn't happy with the style of defense they were using. What a selfish d-bag!
Lawrence Taylor, the best player I ever saw in person on a regular basis, any sport, indicted today. 3rd degree rape, patronizing a prostitute, endangering the welfare of a child. All involving a 16 year old girl. He faces 4 years in the clink if convicted. Already his people are hinting he had no idea she was only 16. And? If she's 21, your 51 and married. What a pig!
The NBA draft is tomorrow(Thur) and I still think perhaps Ohio State's Evan Turner is the best player in the draft who will go 2nd to Philly after the Wiz pluck Kentucky's John Wall. It will be interesting to see who Portland lands. Word has them eyeing Kevin Seraphin, a 20 year old raw talent of a big guy from France. He's a good athlete, shot blocker and remember, Portland rolled the dice in Nick Batum and it's been a great move. Both are from France. This team can no longer count on Greg Oden, Marcus Camby just turned 36 and Joel Pryz is coming off a serious injury along with the fact his rehab has suffered a setback. Seems like a good fit at #22 in the 1st round.
Okay, let's give away some Eugene Ems tickets. Name 2 current pitchers in the major leagues who pitched here in Eugene. E-mail the answer to

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