Friday, June 18, 2010


Can't believe people have the room in their car or backpacks to tote around those shovels to continually dig up dead horses. Oregon fans need to get over themselves. The NCAA dropping the hammer on USC and taking away wins from the 2005 season doesn't involve you. Sure, Reggie Bush should not have been playing. But he's not a ringer. He wasn't Danny Almonte. What? He was the kid who claimed to be 12 years old when participating in the Little League World Series but was actually 14. Bush was college age. They broke the rules and got caught. It's about USC and has zero to do with the Ducks. can't believe we're still talking about this.
Have we ever seen a game that falls into the best & worst category. Game 7 between the Lakers & Celtics was a car wreck from an aesthetic standpoint. For entertainment and nail biting value it was tremendous. It's rare enough to get a Game 7 for a title, but add in the best rivalry in pro sports and a down to the wire finish, it's a beautiful thing.The 18.2 overnight ratings was the NBA's biggest number since Jordan and the Bulls dusted the Jazz in 1998. It was the highest rated show of the night and in the LA market, the 39.7 number was the highest for hoops in the history of the nation's 2nd biggest market.
We're setting up shop at Tokatee golf course today. Gonna be a lot of fun. This is one of the true gems for golf fans. Hope to see you there.

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