Monday, June 28, 2010


With the Americans seeing their World Cup roll end by Ghana on Saturday, lot of talk regarding the evaluation of their performance. Certainly the players, coaches and real fans are a tad sad, but time will heal that. In 2002 Team USA advanced this far then beat Mexico to move onto the quarterfinals. With the exception of 1930 when circumstances were much different, it's the best run in team history. Considering the earth is passionate about soccer, making the Sweet 16 is a nice accomplishment.
It's nice to see the rest of the world frustrated with idiotic officiating. You wonder if there will be some kind of replay offered in 2014. England fell to Germany 4-1 but down 2-1, appeared to score the equalizer but the idiot refs failed to recognize the ball was clearly over the goal line. Obviously the Germans netted two more tallies, but you always wonder about the shift in momentum.
I've watched my share of action and remain astounded about flopping in soccer! It's actually embarrassing! These guys are world class athletes and when you run full tilt, contact will send you to the turf, but is each tumble a near death experience?
The clown on Ghana late in the win over the Americans actually was so dramatic they brought out a stretcher. We see our athletes play with limbs that need surgery(see Andrew Bynam in the NBA Finals)and football players with ligament damage gutting it out. This always going down as if the victim of a sniper is pathetic.

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