Thursday, June 17, 2010


It's the 16th anniversary of the Great Bronco Chase with OJ fleeing after hacking his ex-wife and her buddy to death. I recall doing Friday Night SportsTalk on public radio and getting a call to turn on the TV. What channel? Just turn on the TV. I also remember seeing no way around Orenthal's guilt. The Knicks and Rockets were getting ready to play Game 5 of the NBA Finals all tied at 2 apiece. New York would win it 91-84 to move within a game of the title they would fail to capture. ESPN has a show about this day and tries to put the Rangers Stanley Cup parade and Arnold Palmer's finale in the US Open on a parallel but that's nuts. The parade was over as was Arnie's round. It was all about the split screen showing hoops and a Southern California highway, period!
Still waiting for someone to direct me to the place where I can get my vuvenzala.
I awoke this morning in the middle of the night and realize I hadn't place any US Open bets. I saw that Tiger was a co-favorite with Hefty at 7-1. As a rule you might get 4-1 with Woods so I threw down a few bucks. I also went with Ernie Els at 21-1, Rory McIlroy at 26-1 and Mike Weir at a solid 81-1. And you think you have issues?


statefarmboy said...

The "vuvenzala" you're looking for is correctly spelled "vuvuzela."

I found a YouTube called "The Vuvuzela - Legendary Horn!" at:

And you might find what you're looking for at:

statefarmboy said...

Update: If you still cannot find a vuvuzela, look on-line at: