Monday, June 7, 2010


Not sure I've had a night like Sunday outside of football season. Planned the day around it and got a bonus when the Duck baseball team not only won their 1st game but had a lightning delay as well. Right around 6pm we had Game 2 of the NBA Finals on ABC, Game 5 of the NHL Finals on NBC, Cards/Brewers on ESPN and Oregon/Florida State on my computer screen. I decided to play the over in baseball, hoops and hockey while I had the volume up with Jerry Allen and Brian Prowitz keeping me posted on UO's diamond pursuit. Lost my bet as the MLB game needed another 1 1/2 runs but I got in a nice hour long workout switching between games. It really is the simple pleasures that turn an ordinary June evening into a ton of fun.
We will announce our grand prize winner for those 4 day passes to the NCAA outdoor championships that start in town on Wednesday. Save that, drop me a note to get in our drawing and let me know if you're interested in the Wednesday or Thursday session as that's what we have left. My e-mail address is

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