Monday, June 14, 2010


Let's play fill in the blank. I __ care about college baseball now that Oregon has been eliminated. I've said it before. The passion for Duck baseball will take time to grow. It's not reasonable to expect folks who have spent their lives at Autzen, Hayward or Mac Court to be fully on board with their hearts. I have not watched one inning of the Super Regionals. Way more interesting in the AL East & NL West.
I __ care about the World Cup. Obviously if the U.S is involved we Yanks might give more of a rip. I think it's sad how the Brits are acting like the earth is on the brink of extinction after a one all tie with the Americans. I've said it before. There is a really low ceiling for soccer fanaticism in our nation because it sucks on TV. That's not gonna change.
I __ care about the changing face of college football. Okay, that's a no brainer. This is a football town and this is historic.
I __ care about the NBA Finals. Come on, it's Lakers/Celtics but the games have not been scintillating. We're not getting buzzer beaters or Magic's "Junior, Junior" sky hook. Every game has been decided by at least 6 points. Boston's Doc Rivers has outcoached Phil Jackson and the Lakers are not the most cerebral team you'll run into. They're not figuring things out and I think they've been a bit overwhelmed by this outstanding Celtic defensive game plan. I don't buy that we're automatically getting a game 7. Boston could close this thing out on Tuesday. Hope not!

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