Thursday, July 8, 2010


Rumour has it Lebron James will announce his decision just past 6pm our time. The specifics are shady because it hasn't received enough media coverage. What a circus. I do like the fact some serious cash will be raised for the Boys & Girls Clubs. My dad was instrumental in building a sweet Boys Club building in my hometown of Wayne, New Jersey in the mid 1970's so it's near & dear to my heart. I know the new favorite for his landing spot is Miami but I'll always believe the best fit is Chicago. Dwayne Wade and he are A-players, Bosh is an A-. I'll give Michael Beasley a B. The rest, including a nice point guard in Mario Chalmers would now be role players. With the Bulls you'd have an elite front liner in Boozer, Lebron, and a great, great point guard in Derek Rose. Add in 3 other B to B+ talents in Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson and Luol Deng who averages 18 points & 7 boards. Great young coach in the new hire, Tom Thibodeau who has learned at the side of Doc Rivers in Boston the last few years. The fit in Chicago just seems tailor made for success. I also don't buy this fear of playing in the shadow of Michael Jordan. Free agents flock to the Yankees, Dallas Cowboys and LA Lakers who have multiple hall of famer shadows to walk in. I think with James' ego he'd jump at the chance to add to the 6 titles MJ & Phil won and carve out a 2nd great period of Windy City hoops in the NBA.
Anyone catch what's been happening the past 2 nights in that Cardinal/Rockies series at Coors Field. Colorado has won both games on walk off taters and on each occasion has overcome a 5 run deficit. On Tuesday they scored 9 in the 9th. Last night they posted 3 in the 8th to tie, then Chris Iannetta greeted St. Looey's Evan Maclane, making his major league debut, with a bomb to end it. Very quietly, Colorado is now tied for 2nd in the NL West and just a half game back of the Mets in the wild card race. The post all star game pennant race looks like it could be one of the all time greats in both leagues.
Just heard an interview with Tony Dungy and obviously the subject of that pig Michael Vick surfaced. What does this guy have on Dungy that he continually defends whatever he does and keeps referring to his murderous, despicable dog fighting as a "mistake". Dungy said Vick showed bad judgement having a public birthday party which ended in a shooting. He claimed Vick would not make this kind of decision again. Really? Based on what. I've pretty much lost all respect for Dungy at this point and it's painful because I'm empathetic to someone who lost a son like he did, but he's way, way off base here. His time is better spent with young people who truly need guidance and who have NOT been afforded the opportunities Vick has pissed away.

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