Friday, July 9, 2010


I understand that a lot of the TV shows I watch are pretty much for idiots. Check your brain at the door, sit back and enjoy some mindless entertainment. CSI Miami. Everyone looks like they jumped off the pages from Glamour Magazine. Flowing hair, high heels and cleavage would most likely corrupt the average crime scene, but it's a guilty pleasure. Last night's Lebron James announcement on ESPN was about as pathetic and embarrassing as TV gets. Interviewer Jim Gray has lost all credibility in my book. With fans sitting on pins and needles, already strung along for an extra 20 minutes or so, he's actually asking questions about James' nail biting and preference for vitamin water. Paris Hilton on any moronic reality program is more credible and less pathetic that what was witnessed last night. Happy to report I only caught about 4-5 minutes as it took me about 15 minutes to arrive at home after SportsTalk wrapped at 6pm. Once Mr. Self Involved made his choice to play for Miami I clicked the station and headed out to dinner with my wife. As a Knicks fan this makes my life as an NBA fan easy, just tack on a bit more hate for the Heat, but they're still a distant second to the Celtics. What a freaking disgrace. I'm out!

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