Thursday, July 1, 2010


Is anything in the world of sport we follow more inappropriately named than "free" agency. It began with baseball in 1976. After many years of legal wrangling, players were no longer deemed property and upon the completion of the current contract, they could negotiate a deal with the highest bidder. Dodger pitcher Andy Messersmith signed with the Braves in April of 1976. Pitched one full season, got injured, kicked around for a couple more years and was out of baseball. Think the teams who sign Lebron or Chris Bosh will see the irony in the term "FREE"? By the by, the Nets have become the 1st team to meet and pitch James. Do not discount their ability with co-owner Jay Z and a trillionaire owner to land this guy!
I know I'm becoming a bitter, broken record, but I'm delighted that Virginia police have not dismissed the idea Michael Vick might be involved in the shooting outside the club where his recent 30th birthday party was held. Here's hoping this lying lowlife has to pay the piper.
I really do miss the sound of those vuvuzelas at the World Cup. Not a big soccer fan, but I've truly enjoyed the entire scene, not just the action. Seeing refs incompetency on an international scale, the fans, the drama, all of it. Plus as a student of history I get how sweet the games between Germany & Argentina or the Netherlands and Brazil are. I don't watch all 90 minutes, but do the combo, check in/Comcast DVR in case something exciting happens.
The Prefontaine is this Saturday at Hayward Field. I have a couple of pair of tickets to give a way on tonight's show. If you are interested, e-mail the answer to the following my way at
Who won the men's 100 meter dash at last year's Pre? Good luck.

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