Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Am I missing something? Didn't Mike Vick commit some of the most vile, despicable acts that led to a prison sentence, suspension from the NFL and a strict probation? I thought the commissioner and legal authorities pretty much made it clear he has no room for error. Apparently I'm the only one who heard this message loud and clear. The piece of dirt I will refer to as "a pee stain on the underwear of life" throws a public 30th birthday party at a club in Virginia Beach. Don't get me wrong, I know some folks who are familiar with VA Beach and like Miami it's a great place but a big city with crime problems. Let's face it, a thug like Vick is going to attract a very diverse crowd which means the good with the bad. His comment at yesterday's presser that he didn't think something like this could happen demonstrates how he doesn't get it. He still doesn't understand his choices are to be scrutinized to the point where they could cost him not only his career and freedom. Sorry, but I think this was in direct violation of his reinstatement deal and he should be forever kicked out of the league. Someone got shot based on another series of brilliant Michael Vick decisions. Shame on you Roger Goodell!
I know there is lot's of talk about the 5th no-hitter of the year with Matt Garza's no no last night. This was brilliant on many levels. Not the least of which was the game plan formulated with manager Joe Maddon, pitching coach Jim Hickey, catcher Kelly Shoppach and obviously Garza. He's not really a fast ball pitcher with his gas topping off in the low 90's. But his hard slider wasn't clicking so they decided to force feed the heater, especially early to get ahead in the count. He had 2 strikes on 18 of the 27 hitters he faced. Terrific approach, executed to near perfection. I watched the final few innings switching between Rays/Tigers and Yankes/Tribe and it was a thing of beauty.
Gotta offer up an R.I.P to Jack Tatum. At the heart of those great Raiders teams of the 1970's, "The Assassin" joined "Dr. Death" Skip Thomas and Willie Brown to form one of the more feared secondaries in history. I'm sure we'll touch on this many times today on Crunch Time & Sportstalk.

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During SportsTalk, we talked a lot about weird sports injuries. Looking through the Blogosphere, found this great list from "mental_floss". It had a lot of unique instances.