Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We live in a hysterical society. One extreme group thinks if you want a ban on AK 47's in kindergarten classes you're a step away from losing their right to own a gun. Another thinks if you cut down a plant to build affordable housing, we're one step away from clear cutting the planet. It's spilled over to the insanity of talk radio and of course our coverage of sports. Dwayne Wade mistakenly makes a World Trade Center reference in discussing this very issue and in some circles gets lambasted. With the opening of the new Yankee Stadium in April of 2008, the lack of a Joe Torre presence rubbed some the wrong way. Over the weekend, FOX analyst Tim McCarver says it's similar to how Fascist Germany erased pictures of certain generals and leaders who were either killed or fell out of favor with those in power. Some have taken it as an over the top rip on the late George Steinbrenner. What they're forgetting is Big George relinquished control of the team to his sons, Hank and Hal the year before and it was they who allowed Torre to leave. We can't be sure George had his faculties together enough to render this kind of decision. More on this during today's programs for sure.
We'll also revisit the discussion Justin & I had about Michael Jordan's comments on Miami Thrice. Turns out MJ's thoughts, though in no way malicious, didn't really take some critical information into account, like even the remote chance he could have joined forces with Magic & Larry Bird. I'll explain.
Okay, the good folks at Tokatee are hooking 2 of you up with 2 passes to this week's US Senior Open at Sahalee which is just East of Seattle. Just drop me the correct answer to this question to stevetannen@live.com
Who won the initial U.S Senior Open, played in late June of 1980. Good Luck!

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