Thursday, July 29, 2010


It was Edmund Burke, a British statesman and philosopher who offered up the "ignore history/doomed to repeat" theory back in the mid 1700's. With that thought in mind I give you the Bengals signing Terrel Owens. Will we witness anything different beyond the usual bitter divorce? Cincy has a ton of great pieces in place for success. A top notch QB in Carson Palmer. This might be the most underrated line in the league with top 10 rankings in rush yards and protecting the QB. Cedric Benson resurrected his career with 1200 on the ground. You have Ochocinco, Antonio Bryant and TO as targets as well as rookie TE from Oklahoma Jermaine Gresham. It's a classic case of we don't really KNOW how this turns out, but we kind of KNOW how this turns out. Will be fun to watch either way.
You might want to visit the Sports Illustrated web site and read the 4 page story about Jeremiah Masoli and his possible venture to Mississippi. He offers up his side of the story to the many, many missteps that have littered his personal and football life since high school. Not to be completely cold, but I'm not buying a lot of it. I've dealt with people like this much of my life. They end up in trouble or bad situations time and time again and it's never truly their fault. These knuckleheads never get the one basic equation. What is the lone common factor or constant in each crime or rules violation? THEM! He's been a documented liar and I'm completely against his playing at the D-1 level this season.
So the 2 time NL Champion Phillies trade a true A+ pitcher in Cliff Lee then have to trade a high level young arm in J.A Happ for Roy Oswalt. I like Oswalt. Heck of a pitcher. He turns 33 in less a month. They did get Houston to pick up about half of the 23 million dollars he's due for the rest of 2010 and 2011 and they didn't have to commit to the 16 million dollar option for 2012. His last 3 years in no way can be considered as dominant as he was the middle of this decade. I still think he has a couple of years in his prime, but how they let Lee go and allowed things to arrive here remains a mystery.
Looking forward to another high octane 3 hours with you all today. It's a beautiful thing!

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Jason said...

Love your posts and getting your take on things. I do have one suggestion to make your posts a little more readable; put an extra line between your paragraphs. On RSS readers your posts come out as one long blob.

I've been a long time listener and still pick you up on the internet when I have a chance (Moved down south).