Friday, July 23, 2010


I'm probably as big a Yankees fan as you'll find. I'm not one of those mindless puppet followers who thinks each guy who puts on the pinstripes is worthy. That said, I bring you Alex Rodriguez. He hit his 599th homer last nite. The next bomb puts him in that exclusive 600 Home Run club with Aaron, Ruth, Mays and fellow steroid kings, Bonds and Sosa. The great thing is even the New York media is downplaying the milestone because of the taint. I think that's awesome. This clown would have posted a monster total without the juice. He's a clown.
Was there anything better in college football during the 1980's than Notre Dame playing Miami. The Catholics versus the Convicts. Turns out Irish head coach Lou Holtz is a cheating, lying dirt bag, but the games themselves were worthy of our time. The series will be renewed starting in October of 2012. I'm already riding the Hurricaine bandwagon.
Michael Beasley was the 2nd overall pick in the 2008 draft out of Kansas State. His 2 seasons with the Heat were okay at best. He was just traded to Minnesota. Team president David Kahn told ESPN radio in the Twin Cities Mike's productivity was limited because he smoked too much weed. I guess we know the only way marijuana works as a performance enhancing drug is in the world of rock and roll and pizza eating contests. The kid is talented and just 21 years old as he played only a year in college. The T-Wolves gave up 2 second round draft picks. Seems like a pretty decent gamble for a franchise who rarely rolls a 7.
Enjoy the weekend. As we rally the troops on Monday, it's time to start getting a little more serious and focused on football season.

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