Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Roger Federer would get a bunch of votes for the greatest male singles player in tennis history. He holds the record for most singles titles in the majors at 16. He's going to turn 29 in about a month. Tennis burns out it's studs pretty quickly. Not quite at the rate of NFL running backs, but the rate can be alarming. For example, Rafael Nadal won Wimbledon over the weekend. He's 24. He's now halfway to Roger. Let's see if he can keep up the pace. He's yet to win the US Open, the next Grand Slam set for September.
Tiger Woods got a taste of what to expect next week at the British Open. Beyond the occasional heckler at certain events in the colonies, he's been let off the hook by fans and the American media. That AIN'T gonna happen across the pond. They invented tabloid journalism. At a charity event in Ireland e last couple of days he was peppered with some incredibly direct and personal questions. One reporter flat out asked him if his indiscretions which cost him millions and millions in endorsements and apparently his marriage was "worth it". Another inquired about his infidelities negatively impacting his play. TV has done a decent job of weeding out some of the comments coming from the gallery in the U.S events we've watched, but according to a recent piece in Sports Illustrated, some have been nasty. Over there, on a sattelite feed, you wonder what will escape the filters. They tee it up at St. Andrews a week from Thursday. Might make for some reality style TV.

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