Monday, July 26, 2010


A story making the rounds is Dallas Cowboy wide receiver Dez Bryant is not willing to play those rookie games. Pick up the tab, carry the vets pads, get taped to the goal posts and all those time honored traditions. He says he's after the starter(Roy Williams) job and none of those things play a role. Interesting case. He's right, but he's also a snot nosed rookie who has proven nothing and accomplished the same in the NFL.
Been hearing from some Blazer fans about the possibility of acquiring New Orleans stud point guard Chris Paul. Don't hold your breath. For openers, after a meeting with team brass today, I suspect he's not leaving. Then you must consider he wants to play for Orlando and if that wasn't a possibility, New York was next on his list. Portland was originally listed last week as a place he'd consider. I don't know the Blazers need to get locked into any kind of long term deal with a guy who has proven he can play, but is coming off an injury. Bad contracts and short sighted thinking by knuckleheads like Bob Whitsitt is what lead to the Jailblazer era.
We have an interesting guest on Crunch Time today at about 3:20. His name is Ron Higgins of the Commercial Appeal of Memphis. He has some thoughts about Jeremiah Masoli perhaps joining Ole Miss as their #2 QB has just transferred. We'll also get a read on what he thinks about this whole agent, $$, who is responsible mess.
Look forward to it.
I have passes to the US Senior Open golf championship just outside Seattle later this week. If you want in. Let me know via e-mail at They're courtesy of our buddies at Tokatee Golf course.

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