Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Alabama coach Nick Saban, known as Nick Satan in some circles, has had it. From USC to Florida to South Carolina to North Carolina, bad issues regarding sports agents. Nick's point is actually dead on the money. Why doesn't the NFL intervene? These sleazebag leaches hover around the campus looking to lock up some future cash cow regardless of rules. The schools faces the punishment. The player will reap the rewards of becoming a professional. The agent gets his cut. The NFL fills it's rosters. But when things sour there is no downside for the league, the agent or the player beyond the occasional wrist slap in college. An Alabama defensive end, Marcel Dareus, is being investigated for attending a party hosted by an agent. No $$ involved or extra benefits, just being there. I'd love to see NFL commish Roger Goodel announce a year suspension for any agent involved in sanctions or a punishment brought against any player where that particular agent played a role. Sounds simple doesn't it?
Been watching baseball for going on 45 years and saw a first last night in the Dodgers versus Giants. LA is nursing a 1 run lead with the bases loaded in the 9th with closer Jonathan Broxton hoping to shut the door. Earlier, during a mini bean ball fest, Dodger manager Joe Torre and his bench coach got thrown out so hitting coach Donnie Mattingly was running the show. Don paid a visit to the mound, turn to leave, but got called back and returned to speak with his pitcher and James Loney. Frisco skipper Bruce Bochy came out of the dugout to claim that constituted a 2nd visit meaning the pitcher had to go. Enter George Sherill who serves up a game winning hit to Andres Torres. It's baseball rule, 8.06D. There will be a quiz later on.
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