Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Remember when the NBA's free agency period was approaching? Lunatics on national tv & radio talking about altering the landscape of the league. I have news, with the announcement that Chris Bosh is joining Dwayne Wade in Miami pretty much eliminates that possibility. Certainly a major ripple might happen with the ridiculous hour long ESPN special tomorrow night where Lebron James will choose his next employer. We all knew there was zero shot Bosh would return to Toronto and he didn't. No one really expected Stoudamire to go back to Phoenix once he opted out of his deal and he didn't. Dirk Nowitzki is staying in Dallas, ditto Joe Johnson in Atlanta. We just covered the Big 6 of free agency with nothing happening that would make the editor race into the room with machines buzzing to scream "Stop The Presses". Still out there is a terrific player in Carlos Boozer and one of the Knick's lone bright spots, 20 point 10 board David Lee. Once again the hype has seriously outdone the reality. For heaven's sake, even though he wasn't a free agent, Oklahoma City signed stud Kevin Durant to a monster contract extension. At this point I think Lebron is 50/50 to stay in Cleveland with Chicago a legit option and at the outside, either New York or New Jersey are in play.
With no general manager after dismissing a successful guy like Kevin Pritchard, things are pretty quiet on the Blazer front though it's believed they might be pursuing a trade to bring in Miami point guard Mario Chalmers. The fact they're considering hiring Kiki Vandeweigh as new GM shows how clueless Paul Allen and management are. He's done nothing to make him stand out as a front office guy. This is brutal!

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