Thursday, July 15, 2010


One of my all time fave movies is "Blazing Saddles". Mel Brooks is the Gov and his right hand man is Harvey Korman, aka Hedley LaMarr. In one scene Mel is struggling with one of those old toys where you hit the ball stapled to a wooden paddle. He whines that his isn't working because it's warped. LaMarr grabs it, goes into a smooth, repetitive paddling roll and says "Right as usual sir". Great sarcasm and perfectly describes my analysis of the British Open. On yesterday's show I mentioned a bit of surprise that 21 year old Rory McIlroy was one of the favorites as he'd missed the cut at the season's biggest events, the Masters, US Open and Players Championship. He tied a record for the best score in the history of major golf with a 63. I did semi-qualify by saying as a native of Northern Ireland he might benefit from a traditional links style, coastal course like St. Andrews. I did say Tiger was the guy to beat having won there the last 2 times it hosted The Open and he's right there. John Daly, the enigmatic 95 champ at this very locale had a huge round and is in the hunt. We'll cover the gamut on the show this afternoon.
Hip Hip hooray, baseball is back. I read that the TV ratings for the All Star game were the lowest ever. Not one bit surprised. Doesn't matter what that knucklehead Bud Selig does, it's a freaking exhibition. Put it this way, how many of you know much BIGGER baseball fans than me? I didn't watch. Putting a value on this game is idiotic. They refer to events like this as "showcase" events. Wrong! The regular season and playoffs are what it's all about.
I have 2 pair of tickets to Toby Keith at the Sleep Country Ampitheater in Ridgefield, Washington on Friday July 23rd. Send your response to the follow to my e-mail at
According to Wikipedia, a single from Toby's 1st album was the most played country song of the 1990's. What was it?

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