Wednesday, May 5, 2010


We've witnessed some great fibs in our lifetime. Here's one you get every day. You're speaking with someone or perhaps listening to sports radio and the voice says "I hate to say I told you so". WRONG! I love to say I told you so! Mariner fans, what the heck was your front office thinking bringing in a P.O.S like Milton Bradley. At what point to you apply the "shame on me" theory? Did they really think this was the stop where he man's up? Was Ken Griffey Junior and his .200 batting average going to erase the complete lack of character as a ballplayer and human being. Last night he looked at a called 3rd strike right down the middle. Manager Don Wakamatsu pulled him from the game, and Bradley left. Not the field. Not the dugout. But completely. Bolted from Safeco Field. The hysterical part is as of this morning, no one quite knew where he was. Here's an interesting question. Who Cares? On yesterday's show I said I'd be stunned if Bradley were still on this team when the leaves turn brown. Check that, I meant when we were having our Memorial Day cookouts. For different reasons, Griffey has to go. He can't hit. He's an easy out. It's over. Time to retire, and I don't mean after this season ends, I'm talking about at the end of the month. What a car wreck. Sad because the starting pitching, defense and parts of the bullpen are as good as any in the American League West.
Speaking of nice efforts, how about Atlanta mailing in their effort to the Magic Kingdom in game one of the NBA's East semi finals. My protest is personal. I love to get home just before 6:30, do some stretching, then begin my workout with the end of the early games on the tube. By the time I clicked on the TV it was a massacre. The first score I saw posted on TNT was 83-44 Orlando. It was like one of those Kidsports games where it's so lopsided they flip the scorecard over to avoid embarrassing the losing team.
Lot of baseball, Oregon hoops, your calls and obviously the hockey and hoop playoffs.

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