Friday, May 14, 2010


I tried to check in yesterday from the Frisco airport but was unable to get my wireless connection. I thought, "no way I'm spending $7.99 just to post a blog". Then later I thought, "yeah, like that 8 bucks was going to matter". Anyway, my 1st observation upon landing and sitting at the San Francisco Soup company was the odd array of team hats and gear being worn by passengers getting on and off planes. I was flying my Duck colors. You had a fair share of Cal & Stanford(duh), but then a flight landed from what must have been Raleigh/Durham because off came the UNC, Wake Forrest and even a NC State Wolfpack hat. Also represented was Cincinnati, Texas, and a Harvard sighting. In keeping with my theory that they're like weeds, the Red Sox "B" was prominent along with a few NY's and of course Niners, Giants and a couple of A's headgear. Obviously I'd be the worst Homeland Security employee ever. Others would be noticing suspicious characters, I'm keeping an eye out for Husky purple.
Very important series with East Tenn State this weekend at PK Park. No, that's not my Jersey sarcasm, it's real. After this set wraps, only 8 regular season games left. This is enormous for the Bucs as they've never ventured this far west and can make a big national splash with success versus a ranked Pac 10 opponent at their place. Oregon's assault on San Diego Tuesday was a key first step in getting past the heartbreaking sweep at Corvallis and get back on track for the post season. With 31 wins already, they take 2 of 3 this weekend and play even .500 ball the rest of the way home, they qualify for the regionals and easy. Nice to lean on a horse like Tyler Anderson to get the ball rolling tonight.
Didn't get a chance to see the Celtics send Cleveland packing for the summer as we were somewhere over Canada for most of the game, but a few thoughts. I don't believe it's a done deal LeBron is leaving Cleveland. I do think it's the end of the line for coach Mike Brown. With the season on the line your team scores 18 points in both the 3rd & 4th quarters? Not acceptable. I also think GM Danny Ferry might be out the door. No way he did enough to provide James adequate help. Having a wrecking crew like that with some decent talent in a pretty weak conference will make for a strong regular season. When the bell sounds for the playoffs, you best not be so top heavy with one guy. The better defensive teams you face this time of year have easily exposed their limitations the past 3 years. Since making their lone NBA Final in 2007, they've been bounced in round 2 twice and run in the East Finals last year. And let's face it, they nearly got swept by Orlando so it wasn't close. Someone is going to pay for another Mistake By the Lake disappointment. Enjoy your weekend! Speak with you Monday live from that big ballyard in the South Bronx.

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Kurt said...

Hope this finds you safe and well. I know it's a Mattingly jersey for Duck footbal games, so I'm hoping to see a Joey jersey at the Yankees game Monday.

Make sure S.T. East knows he has a cult following out here...