Tuesday, May 18, 2010


When my wife and I were making vacation plans sometime in late January or February we decided to hit the East Coast in Mid May. As always when venturing back to my old domain in North Jersey near NY City I tweak it to hit a Yankee homestand. We chose this week because the Red Sox were in town. Because Broadway is dark on Mondays we got tickets to a show for Tuesday(tonight) and a high school buddy hooked us up for Yanks/Sox last night. Not sure in my 40+ years of attending baseball, hoops, hockey or football I've been at a more spectacular regular season game. Was really disappointed in the amount of fans who bolted when the Boston's took a 9-7 lead, but my dad, wife and friend were there when Aroid tied it with a 2 run shot in the top of the 9th followed by the walkoff bomb by Marcus Thames. Literally dancing in the aisles dishing out high fives to complete strangers as Sinatra's "New York New York" blared over the loud speakers. Then it was a celebration into the streets of the Bronx and onto the "D" train to take us back into our rented place in Manhattan. WOW! I must mention running into one guy in my section with a green & yellow Duck golf style shirt. We obviously made a connection as I was wearing my own Oregon shirt with a Yankees hat. My wife kept count and during the course of the day & night I got 4 different "Go Ducks". Gotta love it.
Missed it but I see the Lakers dusted the Suns. Again, like I've harped on since Halloween, be really surprised if there is a team out there who can beat LA 4 times. I thought maybe Orlando, but they're obviously vulnerable and might not even represent the East. I think in the end they will. Enjoy your Tuesday!

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