Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This whole deal with the Mariner players lashing out at a reporter from a Tacoma newspaper is a joke. The guy did his job, quoting players, that Ken Griffey Jr was asleep in the clubhouse and unavailable to pinch hit. Griffey never flat out denied he was napping though his manager Don Wakamatsu now claims Junior wasn't catching some Z's and he simply decided against using him. This team sucks guava jelly and rather than man up and accept their shortcomings, they turn their venom on a reporter. Not that some in the media don't deserve to get ripped, but not in this case.
Lot being made of LeBron James tanking last night in the Cavs devastating blowout loss at home to Boston. I don't think that was the case. Certainly his body language was not good, but sometimes the opposition just has it and you don't. If a running back has no room to operate and has one of those 16 carry, 33 yard games, is he dogging it? Not necessarily. No question the effort and result was a disgrace but LeBron James throwing in the towel? I don't think so. FYI...I could care less, it's freaking Cleveland, but I think many in the national media are getting a tad melodramatic. The fact is this team is overrated because of their regular season performance. We've learned over time that things change in the playoffs. One thing that's obviously not changed, the Cavs are not a championship caliber team.
We get a pair of biggies in the NHL Eastern tonight. The Cup champion Penguins are home for Montreal in a game 7 while the Flyers hope to force a game 7 against Boston at Philly after dropping the first 3. To quote Flounder in Animal House, "Oh boy is this great"!

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