Tuesday, May 25, 2010


2 weeks from tomorrow the 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer tournament starts in South Africa. No question this is a monster international event. I've always believe that soccer in America has a cement ceiling. Pele and some of the greatest footballers ever grabbed some attention but the sport did not quite take off. For openers it stinks on TV to the average US sports fan who needs those established breaks to get another beer, use the john or check out the other games. I do believe if Team USA makes a deep run we might see a brief post-Cup spike in interest. From my chair, soccer is a terrific sport for kids. For the price of a pair of spikes and entry into a league, the youngsters gain the benefits of team sports and romping around outdoors. It keeps them off the couch, away from the boob tube and X-Box and we know when kids have less idle time, trouble tends to stay farther away.
Is it possible Orlando could become the 1st NBA team to dig out of a 3 nothing hole? Already this playoff season a Boston team, the Bruins, have blown one. The Celtics had a shot to send the Magic packing for the spring but a couple of terrible possessions, one at the end of regulation and another as overtime came to a close, extended this set. Here's hoping for a double dose of misery for Beantown.
The U of O is prepping for the NCAA Outdoor championships at Hayward Field starting on June 9th. Your Sportstalk friends will be giving away a pair of tickets all this week and next. Simply e-mail the correct answer to the following question to
Oregon has won 4 of the last 5 Pac 10 Track & Field Championships. Who won the other? Good luck.

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