Friday, May 7, 2010


Remember a few weeks back there was a bit of a hullabaloo when after popping up, Alex Rodriguez committed a baseball faux pas by running across the mound on his way back to the dugout. Oakland A's pitcher Dallas Braden went nuts, cussing out Aroid. Most felt it wasn't earth shattering, just another case of Rodriguez being clueless. That was more than 2 weeks ago yet a story today reads Braden still in a huff. Dude, might be time to move on especially since you've lost your last 2 times out. I guess some guys just refuse to let go of the spotlight, regardless of how little they actually did to have it shine their way.
Had 3 great talks on the KUGN show today. Chad Barlow of Oregon Track and Field who will run the 200 at tomorrow's twilight at 5pm @ Hayward Field. What a great young guy. Then we spoke with UO baseball coach Mike Kirby who offered up a wise word of caution regarding game one of this Civil War series at Oregon State. Forget the won/loss record, OSU's starter Greg Peavey is all that. Kid has big league stuff. Then it was time to chat with Lacrosse coach Jen Larsen. She was a 2 sport star(Lax & Field Hockey) at the University of Virginia. Obviously she has a heavy heart over the recent tragedy where a men's lacrosse player is accused of murdering a women's player. Jen is a total class act and a pleasure to hear her speak about this program she's building, the 1st D-1 for the sport in the Pacific Northwest.
Another thought on the Lawrence Taylor arrest. A court report says the 16 year old child actually told LT she was 19. AND??? He's married and 51 years old. She's a freaking kid. What a disgrace. Makes me sick.

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