Thursday, May 27, 2010


In reference to umpires or officials you always hear the catch phrase that no one comes to see them. It's true. Yesterday(wed) we witnessed a couple of instances to back up this theory. In the White Sox win against the Indians, Chicago manager Ozzie Guillen was thrown out in the 2nd inning then his pitcher, Mark Buehrle in the 3rd for disputing balk calls. The ump is Cowboy Joe West who is gaining a rep as a ham and from my chair, completely unprofessional. He seems to desire the spotlight and as anyone knows, the best referees or umpires are invisible. He's an idiot.
Then in the Celtic loss to Orlando, dunderhead ref Ed Rush embarassed himself and the profession. He called a technical on Boston center Kendrick Perkins for an elbow when the replay clearly showed K.P's arm basically slipped. Then he made an even worse call when, after whistling Perkins for a very ticky tack foul against Dwight Howard, Perkins was upset, but walked away only to get T'd up again, thus kicked out for a 2nd technical. If Rush isn't suspended the league's already shaky integrity takes another hit. These guys need to shut up and call the game, period. They need to receive copies of the 1933 H.G Wells classic movie, "The Invisible Man", starring Claude Rains. We should not be this familiar with some of these clowns. They're doing a horrible job.
I have tickets for Duck Baseball this weekend, the Friday and Saturday game. I also have a couple of passes left for the Art & Festival courtesy of Chateau Lorane, along with tickets for the Wednesday and Thursday session of the fast approaching NCAA Track and Field outdoor championships. E-mail me at
Let me know which event you'd like to see and I'll need your name, address, phone # and date of birth. We will hold the drawing early today as you'll need to pick up your Chateau or baseball tickets by noon tomorrow. Good luck.

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