Thursday, May 6, 2010


The phone rang this morning a few minutes before I usually get up. It was my dad from Jersey. He informed me Lawrence Taylor had been arrested for raping a 16 year old. I'm far from naive and via knuckleheads like Tiger and Ben Roethlisberger we've learned we don't know these people beyond how they play. That said, it's sad my reaction didn't include the emotion of surprise. LT's history is pathetic. He's a spoiled lowlife who might be the best football player ever. I've said many times, watching Taylor day in and day out, maybe 30-35 times in person was as much fun as I've ever had as a sports fan. Turns out, if he played in the information age and wasn't afforded special treatment our opinion of him would have been altered. He'd have made Big Ben, Tiger, Pacman and the like appear to be choir boy like people. He's a disgrace. What the heck is he doing in the company of a 16 year old CHILD?
I saw the NBA fined former North Eugene high, BYU and Celtic stud Danny Ainge 25 large for his towel tossing incident against the Cavaliers the other night. He was the ultimate pest when he played. The kind of guy you loved on your team but wanted to smack as an opponent. The problem is he hasn't suited up since 1995. He's a 51 yaer old executive for the Boston Celtics. He's sitting courtside and to distract a Cavalier free throw shooter he throws a towel up in the air? When they're up 23 points? Some people just never grow up. Nice example D.A! Looking forward to today's show. Gotta a lot of baseball, hoops, hockey and digressions to get to.

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