Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So Monday was the perfect day in Manhattan. About 70 degrees, mostly sunny. Got to Yankee Stadium and caught one of the great regular season Yanks/Sox matchups possible. On Tuesday it was miserable. Like our Eugene spring, only colder with lots more wind. My wife and I had one of those big city comic moments. Walking downtown in the rain, coming off the A-train near ground zero, we caught a gust of wind that turned our umbrellas inside out. Brrrrr! Sometimes in the midst of the skyscrapers, certain locations in the Big Apple become wind tunnels. We actually had to cut our time on the street down. Got over it and saw a terrific show on Broadway, The Addamms Family musical. The Lunt-Fontanne Theater was packed to the gills with Nathan Lane playing Gomez and Bebe Neuwirth of "Cheers" Lilith fame as Morticia. The critics haven't been kind, but the critics are self righteous imbeciles because it ended with the entire crowd giving a standing "O".
Yanks blew another 5 nothing lead, fell behind 7-5, pushed one across in the 9th but left the tying run on third so after 2 dramatic games with Boston, we get a split. Unfortunately for the Bosox, they remain 8 1/2 behind Tampa for the lead, and 5 1/2 back of the Bombers. Both teams have huge issues with their middle relief and Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon isn't right.
Really pleased to read the Duck baseballer's paid back Portland at their place for the defeat here a couple of weeks back. Pushing the win streak to 5 they've done well to get over that heartbreaking series with OSU. With 35 wins, only a disaster can keep them from that amazing birth in the post season. Gotta love the fact they visit Washington this weekend. Not to take anything for granted, but you know them Dawgs would love to put one on their rivals from the South & it must be driving them nuts up there to see the Oregon success. They'd put together a nice little run but hit the skids ending a 5 game losing streak by taking the finale versus the Beavs Sunday. UW did not have a midweek game so all their arms will be fresh for their final homestand of the season. The Saturday and Sunday games will be on TV so that's cool. Gotta run, we're leaving the city(sad) and heading back to my insane family in Jersey.

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