Thursday, May 20, 2010


It's the story that never loses legs. Each day something related to another jock going the performance enhancing route. All those years of denial and legalities, and now Floyd Landis admits he doped. But does he take the bullet and take his medicine like a stand up guy? Not quite. He's trying to play the implication game. As we know, if everyone is doing it, it's not a big deal, right Aroid? What a piece of garbage.
Been keeping an eye on the Hanley Ramirez mess. So he dogs it, then says it's no biggie because some of his teammates go half assed at times and his manager didn't play big league ball so shouldn't have the right to drop the hammer. I loved when the skipper, Fredi Gonzalez, says "not everyone can be Derek Jeter". Fact is Jeets is hitting like crap and left about 14 guys on base last night.
I've noticed a completely different attitude when visiting a major city. The sports fans are totally immersed in the locals and nearly oblivious to everything else. I get odd looks when visiting friends and asking to put the NHL or NBA playoffs on because none of the NY teams are involved. Some guys I grew up with don't even know who is playing and of course, I'm obsessed. Looks like our theory about not seeing a team out there capable of beating LA 4 times in a series. Ain't gonna be Phoenix. Despite the makeover of this team to be a bit more defense and rebounding oriented, they still don't make stops, especially against a top flight offense like the Lakers.
Can't believe I'll be on a plane back to Eugene in 48 hours. Time does fly when your having a ball.

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