Sunday, May 23, 2010


As you board a plane for a long awaited vacation, 9 days seems like a long time. We arrived at the Eugene Airport about 6:45am on Thursday the 13th of May. This past Saturday, the 22nd my wife Kathy and I are on the down elevator at the same airport at 9:15pm, we look at each other like "was that a dream?" In the blink of an eye all the plans had been executed and we were back home. Squeezed an awful lot of New York City & Jersey in. From Yankee Stadium to Broadway to a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, to the Museum of Modern Art to Chelsea to subway trains A, C, B & D with some Carnegie and Stage Deli thrown in. All that in 3 terrific days. The Tuesday after the Yankees scored 4 in the 9th to beat the Bosox was rainy and windy in the city. After getting off the A train downtown we turned a corner and got hit with a gust that trashed Kathy's umbrella. We gave up and returned to midtown where the open umbrella's reminded my wife of an odd kind of symphony. Had an awesome time with the family and some long time friends and I even learned something sports related. We officially are all the same. Once upon a time certain fans had reputations, good and bad. I've always called the Boston Celtics fans crybabies, or felt Philly Flyer supporters were the biggest a-holes. We get calls on this show from Beaver fans ranking on the Ducks and the other way around. Time, information, relocation, free agency, NFL Sunday ticket, the MLB package and more have created a sameness. I could not believe how many fans left in the 8th inning of Yanks/Sox. It was 9 to 7!!!! Yankees & Red Sox on a beautiful night. Like I've harped on, most of the New York fans were great. A few drunk idiots screaming obscenities at Red Sox fans flying their colors, the team and the umps. Sound Familiar? Anyone who thinks their set of fans is superior to anyone or the other guys have a monopoly on jerks is clueless. Some OSU fans have complained of poor treatment at Autzen Stadium. DUH! You're in the midst of pretty much the biggest annual crowd of Oregon fans wearing Beaver colors during the Civil War. Didn't figure on some crap flying your way? Some thing for Ducks in Corvallis. Really stunned at some harsh treatment at that stadium? Especially the final game of the year which usually has huge meaning for both programs. For the record, at Boston/New York I wore my Yankees baseball cap with a green and yellow Oregon baseball shirt. Got my share of GO DUCKS! Good to be back, lot of catching up to do.

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statefarmboy said...

Reading your blog this morning reminded me of something that happened to me and my family at Autzen Stadium. I graduated from the University of Oregon in 2004, a little more than a fortnight after my 47th birthday. The first football game I was able to take my wife and daughter to, as a UO student, was the Michigan /Oregon game in 2003. (In 2003 a UO student could obtain one student ticket, one student spouse/significant other ticket and one family ticket to a football game – provided s/he was willing to wait in line from early dawn to whenever.) Anyway, although we were not prepared for it, we had to stand on a bench – to see over the other UO students who were standing on their benches – for the entire game. In addition, with one of the Michigan fan seating areas immediately adjacent to the UO student section, each time the Ducks scored at least a dozen drunk students would run behind us in order to yell profanities at the Michigan fans. I don’t know how many times I almost fell down, but I do know that my youngest daughter did not attend another Duck football game while I was a UO student.