Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Is it wrong to want others to be miserable? Game 5 of the NBA East Finals tonight. Boston won the first three then Orlando stayed alive with their overtime victory on Monday. Satan stopped by my place last night to check in. I expressed a willingness to make a deal involving eternity and a Magic win in this series. This way the Boston fans will have to deal with both their beloved Bruins and Celtics blowing 3 games to none leads in the same playoff spring. I realize this is a character flaw, but "Sportshate" keeps me warm at night.
Great talk on yesterday's show about bandwagons. A key point is that in a town like Eugene, people will pick a team from a pro league to root for. I don't count that as a bandwagon as long as you don't switch your allegiance based on the success of that given team. I still insist the post 2004 Red Sox bandwagon is thee most annoying and largest in the history of American sports. Take notice the next large gathering you attend. See if you see more Bosox gear. One Boston fan said it's the Yankees. No question that one is big, but they are the reigning champs which has a tendency to swell the population of a given bandwagon.
Oregon Track and Field stars Ashton Eaton and Brianne Theisen made the "Faces in the Crowd" section of the most recent Sports Illustrated for defending their Pac 10 titles in the decathlon and heptathlon. Pretty sweet. You want to see the NCAA championships at Hayward beginning on June 9th? E-mail the correct answer to
The question? Yesterday you correctly recognized USC in 2006 as the only team who has dethroned the Oregon men in conference the past 5 years. When was the last and only time the Duck women won the outdoor track and field NATIONAL title? Good luck.

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