Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Lot of numbers from last night's Oregon win versus Duquesne. The one that serves as a determining factor is obviously 77-75 pushing them into tomorrow's(Wed) Semi Final of this CBI Tournament against Boise State. 20 points from Garrett Sim, a career high. Don't forget, for the past couple of years on my shows I've heard many, many fans question if this guy was a legit Pac 10 player. 11 rebounds from Joevan Catron after the dozen he pulled down in the opener against Weber State, his top 2 board performances of the season. The figure that stopped me dead in my tracks was 5369. The attendance figure. Wow! Talk about a vote of community confidence for what Dana Alman and these guys have done. Will we have to call the folks at Webster and ask them to redefine "irony" if it ends up Ducks against Creighton which in essence is Altman's program??
The Barry Bonds is a D-bag trial began today. We can debate this till we're blue in the face, but one issue that's not negotiable is baloonhead's assertion that he was unaware of the substances he was putting onto or into his body. The Assistant U.S attorney handling this case, Matt Parrella, used words like "ridiculous" and "unbelievable" that Bonds didn't know the cream and clear were steroids. I think the best part about this was if Barry just told the truth during his original grand jury testimony he would have been immune from prosecution. Again we learn, the authorities take lying and wasting their time as a severe slap in the face and use perjury as a means to drop the hammer. If I were in attendance at this trial, I'd bring popcorn, milk duds and junior mints cause this is fun stuff!

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