Friday, March 25, 2011


I've long preached the term "sports hate". I don't imagine in comes into play more than when the likes of Duke explode your hopeful bracket in the Sweet 16. I was encouraged by the Florida victory over the BYU Jimmer's as I have the Gators winning that region in one of my money brackets. Still have my finalists with Kansas and Carolina still standing(temporarily). When the Blue Devils/Arizona game went to halftime, I committed the mistake of channel surfing on my Comcast and came across the movie "Good Will Hunting". Got lost during the bar scene where Matt Damon's character destroys the obnoxious Harvard student that culimates with the classic "how you like them apples" line. Unfortunately by the time I snapped out of it and put the game back on, it was an 8 point Wildcat lead and I don't recall if they missed the first 7-8 minutes to blow it wide open. Think the U of A's NBA stock has jumped. At 6'8, 240 I wonder if he has the size to be a pro power forward. I don't wonder if he has the skill and heart.
I mentioned at the end of CrunchTime on Wednesday that I will not pick against Butler, when it comes to the point spread until they lose. Hasn't happened since the 2009 Dance. They took a 9 point lead into the lockerroom versus Wisconsin, expanded to double digits early in the 2nd half and were never seriously challenged. I love that team and that program. Terrific stuff!
Tall order for Marquette this evening against the Tar Heels. They got this far and survived the Big East because of their ability to get up and down the court and put the ball in the hole. They try to run with or outgun North Carolina, they might hang for a bit, but it will be fatal. I'm thinking the play here is the over 150 1/2.
I can't imagine Kansas losing this game to Richmond especially because the Jayhawks rebound like maniacs while the Spiders really lack size. Yet I can't get last year's loss to to Northern Iowa out of my mind. The Panthers had one big guy and used an all to the glass mentality to do some damage on the glass, only turned it over 9 times and benefitted from a KU brick-a-thon from the 3 pt line! Richmond has a strong board man and one of the more underrated players in America, Justin Harper who is 6'10. The issue is he's not a banger, but an athlete who fills lanes, scores on the wing, and hits the 3. We might see more minutes for Darrius Garrett their other big at 6'9. He averages about 13 minutes per game, but saw 19 in the Vandy win and could be a key if they're to keep playing.
Just read that a 22 year old who stabbed and killed that UConn football player back in the autumn of 2009 was sentenced to 18 years in prison as part of a plea deal. He plead guilty to 1st degree manslaughter instead of murder, the original charge. The defendant, John Lomax had no prior record. I don't care. If that my kid who were victimized, I'd have a real issue with the prosecutor, a real issue. Kid didn't drink for the 1st time or light up a joint or just get into a scuffle. He murdered someone. Sometimes I'm saddened by our judicial system.

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