Monday, March 7, 2011


As I was watching all the great college hoops this weekend and getting that March flavoring, I could not get one thought out of my head, "I hate the BCS"! I go through this every year at this time. As nuts as we are about college football, think about how it would escalate if teams were working towards even a 4 team playoff! Oh well, maybe another time. Look at how North Carolina handled Duke! 4-5 weeks ago would you have had the Heels on your Final 4 radar? But now, absolutely. They're coming a ton. I was in love with Jordan Taylor and Texas, but now??? Not so much. Maybe another time.
I know it's been played to death but really? Crying? Members of the Miami Heat reportedly were in tears after their loss yesterday to Chicago. I thought Tom Hanks role as Joe Duggan in "League of Their Own" settled that? The only excuse for a grown man crying after a game is if he lost a bet in horrifying fashion and is going to have to duck Guido and Vinny cause he's got no dough! How about that Bulls team? They can win the East. Here's one for today. It's all about the 4's. Give me your thoughts on who you think will be the 4 number one seeds and give me in order your 4 NBA MVP Finalists.
Very pleased to see Joevan Catron named Pac 10 all 2nd team. This young guy has shown some incredible heart and character. Before he broke a sweat in an Oregon uni he went through hip surgery, then missed 99% of last year and was not a lock to play much if at all this season. He might be undersized, but he can play for my team any time. Well done, your contribution to this program will not be forgotten and always appreciated. I know some will express frustration Dana Altman did not win coach of the year in league, but Sean Miller was the right call. On Friday we chatted with Bruce Pascoe of the Arizona Daily Star and he explained the 'black hole' of recruiting that hit the Cats during the departure of Lute Olson. Miller has now been a conference coach of the year in the Pac 10 as well as the Atlantic 10 with Xavier. Oregon finished poorly, the U of A closed like Secretariat and won the league. No brainer.

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