Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I have a list of questions and thoughts I'd like your feedback on.
We in the local media are fortunate to be able to attend all Oregon events via a press credential. I wonder how many of us and you would be willing to shell out the dollars to see an opening round game of an event like the CBI Tournament? I fully agree with accepting the bid. New program. They don't want the season to end. Oddly, I had plans for tonight weeks ago thinking it wouldn't interfere with the NCAA's so I won't be there anyway. I don't think I'd pay to attend, but I'm kind of a brat. Maybe if they reach the finals or host Dana Altman's old mates, Creighton.
What do you all think about this proposed boycott of the draft by the NFL Players Association? I feel the union brass is putting the college kids in a very awkward position. Can they in good conscience ignore their future teammates, leaders and fellow union members? Does this move in any way aid the ongoing negotiations in a positive way? My initial reaction was "yuck"!
I know it's not front and center, but we've discussed it. What about the NHL General Managers NOT recommending a ban on head shots? There have been a rash of concussion and related injuries in recent years. Most recently last week's Montreal/Boston game where the Habs Max Pacioretty sustained a severe concussion and cracked vertebrae. The powers that be seem to favor more stringent enforcement on charging and boarding penalties. That's where a player makes a run at another along the boards which can result in the head being smashed into the glass, boards or ice. They also favor bigger suspensions for repeat offenders and illegal head shots. They don't want to eliminate the physical aspect of the game as it's important for the entertainment value, but like football, they must protect their most valuable product.
Don't forget to get down to Sam's Place on Wilson Street off West 11th in Eugene and fill out those brackets. The contest winner gets season tickets for Oregon Men's hoops next year. Get your brackets in by midnight Wednesday.

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