Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So after sidestepping serious jail time in a plea bargain, Lawrence Taylor will have to register as a sex offender. You'd think he'd be learning how to do back handsprings considering what a screw up and lowlife he's become. In a word, NO! Instead he goes on the offensive and defends having sex with a 16 year old who he thought was 19. Says he doesn't card hookers and cited the times he's used their kind of "service" insisting it mostly took place when he was not married. This time he was. Prior to the next NFL season, whenever that is, I'm holding a #56 jersey burning to exorcise the demons of this piece of garbage!
So UCONN women's coach Gino Auriemma is ticked the faithful only filled half of the arena for last night's NCAA tournament game against Purdue. They won 64-40. This is the 18th time in a row they've at least reached the Sweet 16. He says the fans are spoiled. DUH! We witnessed a similar situation with the Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees as they put together a consecutive playoff streak that went well past a decade. Uconn has won 112 of their last 113 games. Why would the casual fan shell out dollars and time for something so anticlimatic? And I get it, Miracle on Ice, Nova over Georgetown and David versus Goliath. Different circumstances. US/USSR was in the medal round of the Olympics at the height of the Cold War. Wildcats/Hoyas was the title game pitting teams from the same league. When David took down Goliath, no one had cable so only the live gate existed. Gino needs to get over himself or lose some games!
Is it me or is the smart money riding on Bulls/Lakers in the NBA finals. Of course that's this week. I've been adjusting the scale all season long, but with 10-11 games left in the regular season, if LA is the #2 in the West and Chicago the top seed in the East, I'm riding that bandwagon.
Huge stretch coming up for the Blazers after dismantling the Wiz last night. They continue to hold down the #6 slot in the West playoff picture, a game behind Denver in 5th, a game ahead of the Hornets in 7th. More importantly, with just 11 games left, they have a nice cushy 4 game edge on the #9 Rockets. Now the price of poker gets jacked. Here are the next 5 games. Spurs without Duncan on Friday at home, then at OKlahoma City, San Antonio and New Orleans before getting back to Portland for the Thunder and Mavericks. Quite the dangerous gauntlet! Hold up well there and optimism will be brimming for the post season.

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