Monday, March 21, 2011


Remember way back to Thursday afternoon. Demonte Harper of Morehead State was dropping a "J" to send Louisville packing and Matt Howard followed a miss at the bell to move Butler along in their bracket. Then everyone shut down their brains. Seriously, have you ever seen more idiocy in a major sporting event? Chris Webber's timeout dropped from among the 5 biggest bonehead plays ever to out of the Top 25. Forget the historical incompetence that ended Butler/Pitt. How many fouls have been committed in the final 15-20 seconds of games by the team on the lead who absolultely, under zero circumstances can not committ a foul?? Let's not let the coaches off the hook. I've never witnessed such crippling fear and playing not to lose. So is the new rule that any team leading by 5 points or less physically unable to take a shot with more than 4 seconds left on the shot clock? Is there a "check your stones" at the door rule in the counties that house Cleveland, Charlotte, Tulsa, DC, Denver, Chicago, Tucson and Tampa? Has the layup line gone the way of the dodo bird because no one can make anything outside a dunk in the paint? Did the RPU(Rim Painters Union) threaten a strike due to over work. Those poor guys must be busy fixing all the chips on rims from the array of bricks from the free throw line. I love the tournament as much as the next guy, but this has been the single most atrocious display of basketball I've witnessed outside of day one in the 4th grade league!
Perhaps the best line of the Dance came last night from Ernie Johnson in the TNT/TBS studio. There are as many teams from the city of Richmond in the Sweet 16 as the Big East. It's why my hatred for the BCS and those who buy into their superiority theory. You don't know who plays in the best conference for sure until the post season arrives. Period!
Turning to baseball, I'm not sure the New York Mets are getting enough grief for the ineptitude of their organization. Prior to 2008 they signed 2B Luis Castillo, already 32 to a big dollar deal. No one was please. They just cut him and ate 6 million dollars. No biggie! Compare that to the disaster known as Oliver Perez. Once in 2004 he had a nice ERA. His career ERA is 4.7. They just absorbed 12 mil to cut him loose. Great organization. Same imbeciles who are now accused of being in bed with Bernie Madoff.
Not sure what direction today's programs will take us but I can't wait.

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