Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I was on the exercise bike this morning when I flipped on the tube and was informed Serena Williams had undergone an emergency surgical procedure. Then the details struck me. Hematoma. Pulmonary embolism. Blood clot. Huh? I know the human body remains a mystery at times, but over time you associate certain conditions with various groups of people. Torn ACL's, rotator cuff, and a few others draw you to a particular sport, maybe even a specific position. But blood clots and embolisms are what you read about someone from the world of business who sits at a desk or people who take long distance trips and are immobile for extended periods. Serena Williams? You could make a case she's the greatest female athlete of this generation if not all time. Let's face it, those in her class from the ESPN generation like Flo Jo or Marion Jones have that awful track & field steroid taint. I know I did an extra few miles on the bike and even added a few reps onto my Crossbow workout. Want to get your thoughts on this and her place historically on today's shows.
We'll get into some baseball this afternoon as well. At 5:20 our guest will be Joe Stiglich who covers the Oakland A's for the Bay Area News Group. I like this team and think with some offensive pop they could threaten Texas in the West.
Not sure what to make of the Blazers getting torched at home by the Rockets last night. The defense was AWOL in the 1st quarter, the offense took the 2nd quarter off and in the 3rd, Houston busted them up for 30 points to put the thing away. Obviously the Rockets were radar locked hitting 58% from the floor, but they also had way too many open looks. It's just gonna take time for the new guy Wallace to gel along with the walking wounded, Camby & Roy to get their NBA legs back. Wes Matthews turning in one of his worst performances of the season didn't help. 2 buckets over his 37 minutes with the worst +/- of anyone on the floor was brutal and the Rocket front line held Lemarcus Aldridge to his lowest point total since the game BEFORE Brandon Roy went out in mid December. We'll test the bouncebackability gauge this evening at Sacremento.
Also on tap today, the suspension of BYU big Brandon Davies, the college hoop scene and the NFL labor situation.

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