Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Great scene from "The Sopranos" reminds me of this whole Jim Tressel situation at Ohio State. Tony and Carmella's daughter Meadow gets caught trashing her grandmother's house. She offers a total B.S apology after trying to make a billion excuses. Then she offers up her Master Card for a month. The parents buy it and as she's walking back up the stairs to her bedroom, the camera catches her with an obnoxious smirk cause she in essence got away with it. That's TV. This is reality. If the Buckeye brass thinks the NCAA is going to accept that and offer up their stamp of approval, I have some swampland for sale in Midtown Manhattan. Anyone familiar with the feds, NCAA or even Law & Order knows if you get caught then lie, prosecutors try to drop a more severe hammer. You come clean, throw yourself on the mercy of the court, a more favorable deal might be cut. It's now documented Tressel lied. He's already going to miss their 1st two patsy games against those MAC powers, Toledo and Akron. Here's a prediction. At the low end he joins his players suspended for the first five games which include the Caines at Miami, Colorado and defending league co-champ Michigan State. Or worse!
How bout them Blazers? Or should it be how bout them Heat? Kind of two way street heading in. Miami was either a proud group that would find a way to stop the bleeding, or a free falling bunch of weenies ripe to go down again. I thought it was important that Portland test them all night and they really never allowed a monster Heat run. It was tied after one, when Gerald Wallace and Brandon Roy led a huge 2nd period surge pushing the edge to 6 at halftime. Miami caught them late in the 3rd, but still, a Patty Mills "J" send PDX into the 4th up a deuce. They got the edge out of the gate, opened a 7 point lead about halfway through and though Miami cut the edge back to two, Roy hit a big 3 followed by a nice Miller drive and it was never really in doubt. Terrific performance.
Remember, no Crunchtime or SportsTalk today as we'll bring you the Oregon women in the Pac 10 tourney. Look forward to joining you at 3pm tomorrow(Thur).

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Let's not forget about Dez Bryant's suspension. I think it was 7 games or so for lying to the NCAA. Tressel should have a FAR bigger punishment than his players. He is the leader, he is the example! I don't think a resignation is in order but I would not be surprised if we saw one.