Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I give up. There are no systems. I hear people all the time talk about gambling theories in football, home, away, hoop analysis. You are all full of crap or you'd be living in a Vegas mansion with a hot tub on a hill with a bevy of beauties bringing you mimosa's and shrimp. I've poured over these brackets for hours and I'm riding this theory. Teams who got bounced earlier than expected last year and return basically the same gang are going to make deep runs. It's why I'm picking Kansas to win the whole thing. It's why I like Pitt to win their region for the 1st time in program history. I also like a Duke/Carolina rematch in the Final 4 with the Dukies stealing it late. I know it's not very bold going with three #1's and a #2 but I have a few upsets in there with Missouri making an Elite 8 run as an 11 seed. I also have three regions ending up with the #1 versus #2 so for all the talk about a wide open tourney, I'm taking the rare path(for me) and eating a whole bunch of chalk.
I think all the Pac 10 teams out early with none making even the Sweet 16, just think they face killer matchups in round 2. I really hope Washington beats Georgia and faces North Carolina because the speed and athlete factor could make that a track meet and highly entertaining. If UCLA survives Michigan State, Florida has way too much experience and talent to get taken out by such an erratic group.
You want some possible beauties later in the tourney? How about Purdue and Notre Dame in the Sweet 16. The battle for the hearts of Indiana. What about West Virginia and Kentucky in round 2. Can we call it the Sleaze Bowl with a couple of guys viewed as pretty shady in John Calipari and Bobby Huggins. This is the year I think the #5 versus #12 jinx comes up light. West Virginia, Vandy, Kansas State and Arizona are too talented to get bumped per usual. For the record it was Cornell over Temple last season(I had the Owls in the F4). In 2009 we had Wisky over Florida State, Arizona over Utah & Western KY taking out Illinois. In 08 it was Western KY again dusting Drake along with Villanova sending Clemson packing. Didn't happen in 2007. That year things ran pretty true to form with two #1's and two #2's making the Final 4. I look forward to being wrong as usual. Enjoy the tourney. We'll be live from Sam's Place on Wilson Street in West Eugene this afternoon. Get those brackets in by midnight and take your shot at winning a pair of season tickets for Oregon men's hoops next year, along with some fun other loot. We'll also be giving away two 4-packs to the Monster Truck Jam coming to Matt Knight Arena the weekend after this. Each of those prizes comes with a free pizza as well.

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