Monday, March 14, 2011


I get the whining from coaches who feel their team deserved to make the tournament. There is a direct connection between qualifying and job security. That said, who the heck are they kidding? You don't present a lock case over the course of 30-32 games to clearly be among the now 68 team field and you have no complaint. Colorado finished tied for 5th in a decent conference with an 8 & 8 record. They lost 13 games including to San Francisco, Harvard, New Mexico and a flat out awful Iowa State team. Teams who end up with double digit defeats and 7 or more in their league have no excuses. Be better. Lose less games. If you don't make a tournament that invites nearly 6 dozen teams you don't deserve it.
Good for Oregon keeping the season alive. They'll host Weber State in that 14th tier post season event on Wednesday night at 7pm. I get the benefit. It's sweet that fans get another chance to see Joevan Catron play. Just can't get that excited about it. The value is apparent, but how passionate can you be? I don't see fans storming the court.
Interesting development in the NFL labor situation. The union is telling top college prospects to boycott next month's draft. Imagine Roger Goodell doing the usual routine. "With the 1st pick of the 2011 Draft the Carolina Panthers pick Cameron Newton, quarterback Auburn". Nothing! No hat, no hugging, no cutesy interview with the ESPN guys. The league will offer it's usual invites to the top 15 or 20 prospects, but whether they attend is now another story. Interesting twist in what has become a boring, tedious dispute.
We are live today and Wednesday from Sam's Place on Wilson Street in West Eugene. It's bracket mania time! Get your picks in by midnight on Wednesday with the winner getting a pair of season tickets to men's hoop for next season, the 1st full one at Matt Knight Arena.

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