Thursday, March 10, 2011


The theme of today's shows will be "making pie". We'll try to figure out the percentage of Oregon fans that fit into certain categories regarding the program and this whole recruiting service issue. I'm astonished at the amount of crybabies who are angered by simple questions they'd definitely be asking if the finger were pointed in the direction of a rival. I myself have been accused via text and email of "bashing", being anti-Oregon, a member of my hated CJA(Conclusion Jumpers Annonymous) and more. It's legitimate to question involvement with a reputed sleaze like Will Lyles. It's not a condemnation, it's not taking a stance against the coach, it's a question. It's how we learn, grown and become smarter and better. Again, I think the Ducks are okay and feel the NCAA will use this as a teaching tool to set firmer guidelines on these services. I'm really happy the players are mentally tougher than some of the so-called fans I've heard from cause some roll over and play dead at the first sign of trouble or criticism.
I know the trio of refs from Wednesday's St. John's win over Rutgers are getting hammered for the blown call at the end of a 2 point game. I put this exclusively on the Big East or NCAA. A common theme on both Crunch Time and Sports Talk in recent weeks has been "KEEP UP"! I find the response that the play in the final 2 seconds was not reviewable complete and total crap. Why not? It's 2011, we have 8 trillion different camera angles. Use the freaking technology morons! There should have been an emergency meeting of the powers that be in every league and a revision should be impletmented. Rules change in the final 2 minutes of the half and games in football, why not basketball. In the last 2 minutes officials can check the replay. Too much? How about the last :30 seconds? Still would have taken a perfectly executed inbound and shot for Rutgers to win or force overtime, but not a miracle. The refs all have excellent reps and have worked the Big Dance and in the case of Jim Burr, a Final 4.
We'll hit on the sweet win in the Pac 10 tourney by the Duck men. The latest from the NFL talks, what's happening as baseball season approaches, plus all the March Madness taking place as we speak.

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