Friday, March 11, 2011


I know this is not a hockey hotbed, but this whole circumstance surrounding a penalty in the Canadians/Bruins game earlier this week is aggravating the hell out of me. Boston captain Zdeno Chara is being investigated by Montreal police because of a hit on the Habs Max Pacioretty. It was far from vicious and certainly carried no intent to injure. Because it took place along the boards where the benches are seperated, Pacioretty cracked his head and was pretty seriously injured. He's okay, but suffered a vertebra and major concussion. Chara has played 13 years in the NHL and more than 900 games. He's never been suspended. The fact the refs in the game actually called it a major penalty rather than your typical 2 minute minor for intereference is a bit hysterical. I'm saying this is not a 1 in 100 but a 1 in 1000 case. Bad timing. Bad location. This is not the cheap shots we've seen from slime like Todd Bertuzzi, Dale Hunter or Marty McSorely. We'll elaborate more on today's shows.
HOW BOUT THEM DUCKS??? After putting the clamps on Arizona State, Dana Altman and the boys suffocate that talented UCLA attack, holding them to their lowest shooting percentage in any Pac 10 game this season. We may need to hang the "money" moniker on E.J Singler. Guy never scores 20 points over the course of his first 62 collegiate games. He'd peaked with 19 versus Arizona State and Missouri earlier this year. Then the bell sounds for the league tournament and he goes for 22 in the opener, 24 last night. Sweet! This team has won 16 games. I thought 10 or 11 was likely. No reason to think they can't beat Washington as we've already seen that. Not making the bold call, but why sell the guys short now??
If the conference tourney's a providing a peek into the future of this year's Dance, wow! We've already seen the top seed(Pitt)in the Big East get run. BYU, the #1 in the MWC nearly lost to TCU who had 1 conference victory. Today, Ohio State needed overtime to down Northwestern, a team who went just 7 & 11 in league. ACC regular season champ North Carolina had to rally from a 17 point hole to get past Miami. To quote Flounder in Animal House, "Oh Boy is this Great"!
We'll be joined by Bob Clark to talk Duck hoops at 3:20 on Crunch Time. And of course we wrap by hitting Justin and Grant with our Lightning Round. Enjoy the weekend.

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