Thursday, March 3, 2011


We hit on a bunch of topics during Crunch Time & Sports Talk. When games or competitions are reviewed some answers just pop off the page. Turn it over 24 times and dish out 7 assists, you probably lost. Mostly stuff like labor negotiations, trade deadline moves or what to do with certain players as their contracts expire are much more difficult to figure. Take the case of Carson Palmer. He's talking about retiring rather than returning to the Bengals though he's under contract. What to do? This is truly a puzzler. It's easy to be dismissive because they're a joke and never win anything. The facts show the level of difficulty here. The guy just turned 31 in December. He's in his prime. With that garbage team he passed for nearly 4000 yards and 26 TD's. Save 2008 when he missed 12 games injured, the guy has played in 93 of Cincy's last 96 games. Kerry Collins still works. We saw Todd Collins get in the NFC finals. Teams are considering Jake Locker to play the position for their NFL franchise. Tough answer!
What about the NFL labor negotiations. League generated 9 Billion last year. We see numbers like the players getting 57% of some revenue streams. Are they likely to walk if that figure stays the same or goes down? Are the owners really going to lock out the players and whiz in the face of fans by cancelling a season? How about this. Each percentage point equals 90-million dollars. No easy answer here!
One of the ultimate physical specimans in recent memory, Serena Williams is nearly felled by one of those scary medical terms. Embolism, blood clot, hematoma. Absolutely frightening. This magnificent athlete is just 29 years old. Certainly no easy explanation in this case.
Okay. Time to give away another of those super sweet "Duck Season" books that the folks at the Daily Emerald produced. Simply email or text me the answer to the following. stevetannen@live or 653 9058.
Aside from UCLA who are the last 2 other Pac 10 teams to make the Final 4 of the men's hoop tournament.

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