Tuesday, March 8, 2011


It's the ultimate cliche. Kid gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar, in trouble at school, disappeared and caused mom to worry. When confronted, it's time for the re-direction. Well Jimmy and Billy were doing it to! Or maybe, Jeff and Scooter took 5 oreos and I only took 3! Ladies and germs, I give you the joy of the new situation at Ohio State. When held up to a mirror, looks way worse than Oregon overpaying for a questionable recruiting service. At least the Ducks can show an invoice that was on the table rather than a back alley cash transaction. A couple of days before last Christmas OSU coach Jim Tressell announced the suspension of 5 players for selling merchandise and getting improper benefits in return. Okay, he reacted upon hearing the news. Or did he? Now word is out he knew about this around the time of 2010 Spring Football. If he lied to the NCAA, watch out. You run afoul of the rules, come clean and show some remorse, the hammer is less damaging. You lie in their face, they get ticked off to beat the band. So while the NCAA plans to have a chat with Oregon, you can bet their sharpening the claws to a more severe level for the visit to Columbus. Bottom line is it all stinks.
Here's one, what do you make of Cam Newton? I see the following teams and their spot in the draft needing a QB. Carolina 1, Bills 3, Bengals 4, Arizona 5, Frisco 7, Titans 8, Skins 10. If the guy can play, should he go first? No one has his package of elusiveness, and arm strength. I don't compare him with JaMarcus Russell who wrecked the Raiders, but more along the lines of Roethlisberger. Impossible for most guys to bring down single handedly, great elusiveness if by design or on the scramble. Ton of poise. If a GM feels he has that NFL accuracy, a monster question, he's gotta pull the trigger and take this guy if he's available when their turn surfaces.
Let's chat up March Madness, Blazers/Heat, Ducks prep to face ASU in tomorrow night's Pac 10 tourney, maybe some baseball and our typical digression.

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carl@dimockarts.com said...

After witnessing Prior hoisting up the Sugar Bowl trophy and Cam Newton doing the same with the Crystal Ball, I was left with a sour taste in my mouth. Anyone who is satisfied with those results is a blind idiot. The only thing that would have topped this football season is if Ben Rape-lisberger would have won the Super Bowl.

Gotta love the Blazers mopping the floor with the Heat!