Monday, March 28, 2011


Not sure what the overwhelming emotion is, my hatred of my brackets or my love of VCU & Butler making the Final 4. As of Saturday afternoon, with Florida leading Butler by 9 with 7 1/2 minutes left, I had the Gators, Kansas and North Carolina alive from my Final 4. None made it. Not sure I recall ever getting completely skunked even at my worst. The past 2 years I only had one correct but in each case, Duke & North Carolina, I had the winner of the Natty. Best stat that's reared it's head, this is the 1st time we have not had a 1 or 2 seed reach the National Semi's since they began seeding back in 1979. I'll go you one better, as a rule at least half the field consists of 1 & 2 seeds. In 2006 it was one with #2 UCLA advancing. Back to 2000, a #1 Michigan State was joined by a #5(Fla) and a couple of 8's(UNC & Wisc). Before that it was 1990 when UNLV rolled everyone, then another 10 years to Louisville the lone one or two in 1980. This is historic stuff. Probably the most humorous aspect of the Dance are the posters and banners hanging all around Richmond. Picture of the legendary ESPN analyst who nearly had an aneurysm when VCU got their at large bid, with the phrase "Eat Crow Baby" over the image of Vitale. Was reading that some among the Creighton faithful were chanting "We Want Altman" as they put the wraps on their CBI semi final blowout win. Guy put his heart and soul into that program for 16 years, had a lot of success and represented the university with a ton of class and dignity. It would be very disappointing if he were not welcomed in a proper manner. I know fans can be idiots and I cite the local abuse of Kevin Love at the Pit, but I'm betting the decency and intellect surface in Omaha when Coach Altman is introduced this evening. I'm sure there will be a smattering of negativity, but he deserves a warm reception. Here's hoping!

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